This isn’t intended to be a long post.  I wanted to update my last post with regards to mixing wellbutrin or bupropion (generic) and alcohol.  First I should note that I accept full responsibility for my actions. I was not trying to place blame on others.  I was only expressing dismay that people who should have had concern for my my well being showed absolutely none.  That said, I have been known to act at least part way foolish when drunk in the past.  Okay, fine, there have been some fairly reckless episodes.  This however was a completely different experience and I have spent the last few days really miserable, as though the medication is having no effect.

So I dug around a little.  Turns out you aren’t intended to mix alcohol and bupropion.  This was news to me.  Dr. Saint and I had not discussed it as it had not come up, I do not drink much more than once every two months, maybe every month and a half.  I have slowed down with age.  When I do however, like a junkie in relapse I revert to drinking the very same volume as I was used to.  I found that mixing bupropion and alcohol can cause any of these: “hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, mood and behavioral changes, depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and panic attacks.”

Specifically delusions, mood and behavioural changes can explain much of what little I remember from the events that took place on Friday.  Eventually depression and suicidal thoughts which lasted throughout the weekend.  I love how that sounds like a weather forecast.  Also I went digging through some forums and it is a mixed bag but I am finding reports from all over claiming that what I am experiencing isn’t uncommon.  Apparently it can negate the typical effects of the medication for a few days.  This I found most distressing, I had been having some really miserable thoughts over the last two days, especially given the events of Friday night.  I honestly have not felt this alone in forever and was frankly feeling really suicidal.  I decided to lay low and keep my mind off of it as much as possible.  I chose to watch “House” on DVD.  I have smoked a grand total of about seven cigarettes all weekend.  Which is dramatically low for me.  I am becoming a different person.  There will be more on this later perhaps when I am in better spirits.


8 responses to “Meds/Alcohol

  1. Thank you. Loved your writing. Your font is a little hard to read, but the layout of your blog is fantastic. By the way, mixing any sort of medication with alcohol is probably a bad idea. This is particularly the case with an atypical antipsychotic like bupropion. Alcohol basically enhances the neurotransmitter GABA, which is the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter of the brain.

    People with epilepsy have a fucked up GABA system because their neurons are too excited. In other words, because alcohol is a depressant, and it slows the nervous system, you’re going to have some paradoxical effects when you combine an antidepressant. Likewise, if you snort a line of coke and pop some Valium, anything could happen but it won’t be good.

    Combining medicines with paradoxical effects don’t always cancel each other out. The effects will be unpredictable but you can be assured they’ll usually be stronger than a double does of a medication on its own. Feel better soon and if you’re on antidepressants and want to drink, plan for your mood to plummet and stagnate over the coming days–not a good idea for the suicidal; even worse for sufferers of cyclic depression

    • Yeah, lesson learned. I only just started taking it over the Christmas holidays so this one is very new to me. The zoloft I used to be on was fine with alcohol. This was my first time drinking on it and it was a total mess. Thank-you for the compliment, I don’t know if there is anything I can do about the font though I can dig around and see if there is. Maybe I can make it a tad larger or something as well.

      • That would probably work. I just don’t want your writing dismissed simply because of something as tedious as difficult font. Any how, good luck with the meds.

  2. Hi I can relate to your alcohol episode . All of my meds are ones that you cant drink with. It has slowed me down but if I have a drink out im back to my old ways. Im slowly coming to the conclusion that I cant drink but would miss it … grrrr bloody unfair !!!!

    • Yeah, I was by no means an alcoholic but I was a habitual drinker. In the past I have been known for my drunken adventures. This is what happens when you mix alcohol, hypomania and adrenaline. It used to be quite breathtaking actually, I felt as though I was a mythical creature of sorts, but like a fantastical creature there was a curse. Eventually these episodes became mixed, sometimes they were still stellar and other times not so terrific, in fact they could be downright terrifying. Add meds to this cocktail with the described reactions, of which I am certain I experienced delusions and serious mood instability and you get a perfect monster. A mythical creature indeed, some kind of nightmare demon. I wasn’t terribly proud of myself for not being at least aware of this before I decided to take my drinking public, huge mistake. Also the alcohol was like chemically shocking a pool, except chemically shocking my body, in that it dissipated the effects of the meds for several days leaving me as miserable and suicidal as I had been before taking them. I do not recommend. I am sad to let go of socially drinking. Even though I only partook of it once every so often I really enjoyed it. Especially with my wife and her friends, really fun people. I honestly don’t know how to be social without it…

      • I know what you mean but it’s a depressant so while fun at the time …. well you know! I cant go out very often but if I do I make sure I can go to bed for a day or two after … helps as well as remembering you are entitled to let your hair down now and then ….

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