If I Ever Lose My Hands…

I’m particularly skilled with my hands.  Oh, not in the tradesman sense.  I mean by way of sexually gratifying women.  My girlfriend prizes my hands above all my other features, including my penis.  With good reason.  I have had the luxury of practising their use on women who are difficult to satisfy for a number of decades now.  She is incredibly easy to please.  When I give her clitoral orgasms I can hold them, extending their effective duration dramatically.  Even when this abates I can quickly stimulate her from the interior of her vagina to cause her another vaginal orgasm which is then magnified exponentially.  I can go back and forth like this making the effects seemingly more powerful and longer lasting.  Sooner or later I am forced to stop however as she nearly has an aneurysm.  It seriously messes her up and she convulses uncontrollably like a death-row inmate in the throes of dying on the electric chair.  I feel guilty and am then obliged to quit for fear of causing her harm.  She admits afterward that it was very intense and she doesn’t know if she can walk properly for several minutes, sometimes as long as a quarter of an hour, afterward.  She even stood up once only to find herself on sea legs.

I mention all of the above because today I did the exact opposite.  I initiated and carried out an entire sex session without the use of my hands.  I’m nearly certain that women reading this would think: ‘Oh, how horrible. No foreplay?’  Well, that was completely unnecessary.  Without using my hands once I pushed my way into her and keeping my palms flat on the mattress I used nothing but the motion of my pelvis to bring her to orgasm at least five times.  Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention that she has more orgasms than a Japanese woman.  If that makes no sense you clearly have not heard: ‘Iku! Ikuikuikuikuikuikuiku!!!’  As Japanese female sexual companions are wont to do when they have an orgasm, which is around four or five times to your one.

I don’t think that I have ever satisfied a woman entirely without the use of my hands.  As I said when I started this, I’m skilled with them.  She is just now warming up to me going down on her on a regular basis.  This is an activity I love.  I can’t say that I am quite as good at this as I am at other forms of intercourse, however I am enthusiastic and apply many of the same principles that I employ with my hands.  I still get the job done.  Usually…  Once I almost drowned from this activity when I was underneath a squirter.  Long story and one for another time.

I should update about my mental health but I think that anyone who is having excellent regular sex with someone they love can’t be unhappy.  Insane perhaps, but certainly not miserable and that is all that I set out to do.  I just wanted to be clear of depression and between the meds and a healthy relationship I am on the right path.


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