Big Things.

I’ve been kept rather busy of late.  Too busy to regularly update my blog.  So much so I’m doing so just now from my cell phone in a parking lot in a brief respite before a company breakfast.  I’m moving into a new place over the course of the next month, with this I’ve purchased a new queen sized bed. It’s very nice.  I’ve acquired a 1967 Triumph T100S tiger in working order with exception of the transmission and electrical.  I got it for a song so I’m quite excited about her.  I dubbed her Charlotte after the new princess, she is British after all. 
The new girlfriend and I are carrying on famously and it continually blows my mind how much more mature and accepting she is than women closer to my age.  She is a marvel.  I am honestly astounded by her, I would imagine it to be the other way around yet every woman I’ve dated in her 30’s has been a terror.  Whereas Delilah is exceptional in every way.  She is beyond her years.  I’m very blessed.
So things are well.  I wonder when and how Jack will fuck this up for me?


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