Hatred From Love/ Gauntlet of Fire

Well Jack has really stepped in it this time.  Let’s start with why.
Imagine loving someone as hard as you possibly can.  Maybe you already do, perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to have found that person in your lifetime already.  To the point prior to these events I had not.  I had thought so on numerous occasions only to be let down.  Alas, nothing obviously had ever stuck and sadly I had never known the full and true feeling of love.  Extreme fondness?  Yes.  Yet love had eluded me repeatedly.  Love is something that you would expose yourself knowingly to harm for, willingly.  As I have come to find out.

My love Lies on the other side of another relationship.  Not only this, but in a small tightly woven community of lizard minded, neanderthals, predominantly men with outdated views on relationships and gender roles who see women as property rather than people.  So when it was discovered that I was “involved” with another man’s woman (read, “property”) I was very realistically risking my life.  These are men that I considered friends, men that I worked with, men who were close to me.

The facts surrounding our relationship, or her former relationship that nobody else was aware of, were irrelevant.  The fact that she was in an abusive relationship, not physically but emotionally and psychologically.  The fact that he had cheated on her more than once (confirmed to me personally by HIS best friend whom I still have a good friendship with).  These things do not matter when you are a woman, because you are only property.  The fact that she had been repeatedly breaking up with him and the only reason that she had not moved on was simply because he would deny it and point to the children.  The fact that the oxytocin I was providing her was making her healthier by providing her with the will to eat.  The fact that she was for the first time in months happy and excited about something, that she had answers to the psychological issues that had plagued her for life.  That someone was LISTENING to her rather than let her drown at the bottom of her own well.  That like Gelflings in “The Dark Crystal” we were the last two of our kind on the entire planet because our disorders are almost identical which is SUPER rare.

None of the above things matter to other people.  The lizard minds of the mob mentality only want blood.  Which is how my love became a bitter hatred.  The hatred of them for me.  I becometh Frankenstein’s monster.  People fear what they don’t understand and fear turns into hatred.  In turn, I full well understood exactly what was happening and I was offended.  I was deeply wounded that on an individual level people wouldn’t come to me to clarify the details.  There were plenty of people who were mutual friends of both of us, she and I.  Yet they approached neither of us and instead fanned the flames of the rumor conflagration.  These people have only identified themselves as posers.  False friends.  They will not be missed.

There are those however who have redeemed themselves and stayed loyal throughout.  While people were being openly hostile and attempting to force others to choose sides there are those who stood fast.  They will be at the wedding.

That’s right, I want to marry this woman.