War Room.

Last night my goal was simple: Drink spiced rum and Dr. Pepper alone until I passed out.  Well I passed out, at around nine in the evening without a drop of rum.  The drink I described above is called Dr. Octopus and it is delicious by the way.  If you finish the whole bottle of Kraken (preferred spice rum) you get to call yourself Spider-Man.  I am having my morning coffee now and my goal is far greater than that of the previous evening:  I am building a War room.

At present I share a house with a pair of colleagues who are amenable unlike the rest.  Unfortunately however the lease holder has a wife who intends to resume residing with her husband as of March.  Therefore I am to return to single accommodations.  Which gives me an excellent opportunity to restyle my living quarters.  Seeing as the focus of my life is changing the needs of my domicile are also dramatically changed.  I am going to the office supply place today and spending a reasonable amount on preparing for the next stage of my life.  Hanging file folders, a hanging file box to hang them in, whiteboard accouterments, label printer, string, tape, bulletin board, etc.  I will prepare my room for this purpose first and then move all of my living furnishings in around this.

I will be focused, sharpened, driven.  The trick is maintaining it and staying on top of any given task.  My declaration was to focus on myself and so this is my goal.  With regards to the lady in my life if she should so desire to come along there is plenty of space in my life for her and I will be glad to welcome her.  At present however, I cannot be proactive about our relationship as everything that needs to be done is on her end.  My hands are tied.  I cannot push any harder without making myself a nuisance.  I have no desire to do this.  She understands very clearly how I feel about her and that my whole person is devoted to her should she ever want or need me, however I can do nothing at this time for her as much as I should like to (I have offered).  So I am working on me.  For the better me is substantially more beneficial for the future her in the long run.

I have many goal oriented organizational tasks in my life that need sorting so having this space to manage these things will be crucial.  I will be able to break things down in advance of upcoming dates and strategize proactively in order to not only meet but destroy these goals.  I am actually usually very good at this naturally.  I have eternal faith in my capability to this regard and call myself the “last-minute man” as I usually do these things on the fly and with unfaltering precision without a moment to spare.  So, giving myself a leg up, more space and time in order to compose my machinations will put me well ahead of the curve, which is typically where I am anyway but why not all the further?

Every great person has a sanctuary, a lair in which they conceive and from which they launch their plans.  I will have mine.  Every great man has behind him the support of a great woman.  I know who mine is, I am merely keeping busy until she can fill that position.

Edit: I wrote this and liked it, felt it was applicable in some way.

My mane is so thick because I don’t have time for crumbs like you. I keep it thick so that when I’m taking big face-full bites out of your whole world, crumbs like you just bounce right off. Everyone thinks they want a mane like this but they can’t maintain it.
Heavy is the head that wears the crown, this is so that when the crown is not worn and another strikes at it, their wrist is broken and the head remains high and unmoved.
If you are a hyena, go be a hyena. go share nervous laughter with the dozens of others that you need to build yourself up. I will be napping in the shade, alone. You will know where to find me when you need to prove something to your equally nervous friends.


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