-I went to art school for design in order to become a fashion designer.

-I have an unhealthy obsession and passion for clothes, including and oftentimes more so women’s attire (especially shoes).

-I have more female friends than male friends at a 9:1 ratio.

-I have impeccable taste and fashion sense and a keen eye for wardrobe design, women ask me advice on which purchases to make and my dream job would be as a personal fashion attache or a buyer for a clothing store.

-I adore rock music and modern forms of pop and rap baffle me.  Classic country and western (Buck Owens, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash) has a clear cultural aesthetic and style but modern country is shitty pop with a steel guitar and I cannot abide it.  I follow the family tree of rock and roll all the way up to modern day with a special interest in the progressive vein.

-I only got my license to drive in the last few years, until then I walked everywhere.  In the big city I took some forms of public transit but still usually walked.

Following are a list of my symptoms with comments regarding how severe:

– Inflated self-esteem or grandiosity:  during hypomanic episodes that are euphoric in nature I am Bruce Fucking Wayne.  I am the life of the party.

-Decreased need for sleep:  as I have mentioned in my posts I sleep on average four to five hours a night at best and have since my late teens unless I was blackout drunk.

Distractibility:  I intentionally seek out distractions, when none are apparently present.

-Psychomotor agitation:  I unconsciously fidget or gesticulate when I am uncomfortable.

-Excessive involvement in pleasurable activities that have a high potential for painful consequences:  buying sprees, drug and alcohol abuse, casual sex.

-Racing thoughts:  brilliant or terrible connections, rapid and constant.

-Irritability:  I rant.  I get way more angry than I should over things that most people don’t even think about.  Yes, I have outburst while I am driving, but later I really don’t care.

-Radical honesty:  I offend people by withholding nothing, it makes people uncomfortable around me at times and I recognize this.

-Depression:  Obviously.  Otherwise this would be a blog about how amazing I am and why I am so much better than everyone else (which wouldn’t be true).

I have included a contact form for other bloggers and readers who would like to touch base with me on subjects related to their symptoms, their experiences and treatment.  I am not a doctor, if you have serious life-altering questions consult your support network.  Otherwise, I hope to hear from a great many of you.


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